Actility Channel Partner Webinar

IoT Connectivity: Unveiling Actility's Latest Innovations

Dec 12, 2023
Exploring ThingPark's Latest Features and Industrial IoT Solutions

Dive into the latest in IoT technology with Actility’s Channel Partners Webinar. Discover the new features of ThingPark Enterprise (TPE) 7.3, including advanced tracking capabilities, ATEX-certified Abeeway trackers, and the innovative Network Coverage Tool. This tool offers a dynamic and accurate way to predict the RF coverage of your outdoor macro gateways, enhancing the efficiency and scope of IoT deployments. Also, explore innovative solutions like the Combo LPWAN compact tracker and gain insights into practical applications through real-world use cases. This webinar presents a prime opportunity for industry professionals to explore cutting-edge IoT advancements and learn how they can be leveraged for business and technological growth.

What’s New in TPE Release 7.3?

Discover the rich set of features brought by the latest ThingPark Enterprise release 7.3, including a quick demo of the new user interface.

Ramez Soss,
Wireless Product Manager, Actility

Network Coverage Tool

Don’t miss our demo of the ThingPark’s Network Coverage Tool, allowing you to easily and accurately predict the RF coverage of your outdoor macro gateways..

Ramez Soss,
Wireless Product Manager, Actility

Tracking with Abeeway

Discover the new features and innovative tracking customer deployments around Abeeway/ThingPark location.

Rohit Gupta,
Senior Wireless Product Manager, Actility

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Cicicom’s Smart Parking Solution

Cicicom’s Smart Parking solution, showcased in Paros, Greece, revolutionizes urban mobility with its advanced S-LG-I3 parking sensors. These sensors, part of the LoRaWAN IoT network, offer a 99% detection rate and vehicle identification, significantly easing parking management. This innovative system, reducing congestion and promoting environmental sustainability, demonstrates Cicicom’s leadership in smart city transformations.

Angelos Kapsimalis,
Project Manager, Cicicom

Driving Industrial Adoption through Ready-To-Use Digital Solutions​

The current state of technology is advanced enough to drive the revolution of digital transformation, yet the adoption of Industrial IoT faces obstacles due to its inherent complexity. The pace of adoption hinges on our capacity to introduce qualified and operationally ready solutions to the market, maximizing the potential of digital transformation to meet specific business objectives. How do you propose accelerating adoption and fostering growth in this context?

Abhiraj Verma
IoT Sales Development Representative,