Smart Construction solutions

Connected construction

How to gain control of high-risk employee productivity, safety, and health activities across construction, manufacturing, and office settings?

This Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing Starter Kit combines the power of low-powered sensors and predictive analytics to take the construction and manufacturing industries to the new era of Industry 4.0 and make Smart Construction and Industry as predictable as shopfloors. 

Top ENR and leading industry companies have deployed our solution in some of the worlds largest Airports, Industrial Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital and Energy projects. 

Thousands of workers, assets and equipment use the power of Kwant everyday to improve safety and productivity. 

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Tank Monitoring Evaluation Kit

Every day, businesses that manage remote tanks are reducing waste and saving money. With an automated tank monitoring system, the need to visit each tank separately to check its water level is no longer necessary. When the automated system indicates a fault, staff can visit the specific location directly to solve the problem.

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