Smart Cities solutions

Smart Level Monitoring

The WILSEN.sonic.level wireless LoRaWAN ultrasonic sensor is at the hearth of the smart level monitoring and management solution. It is used to remotely monitor fill levels in containers, tanks, and silos. As well as monitor water levels of rivers, lakes, and flood basins.

The sensor transmits more than just filling levels. GPS data from the sensor allows assets such as containers to be tracked, while other information such as temperature readings and battery charge status enable to benefit from predictive maintenance capabilities

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Smart Waste Management Kit

It’s becoming quite important to optimize waste management processes, reduce costs and improve our environment. Without relevant and accurate information about container fulfillment utilities are compelled to use old-fashioned techniques to reach cost optimizations and ecological improvements.

The solution helps significantly reduce waste management expenses and decrease pollution, using level sensors inside dumpsters and bins and a remote system that provides an advanced route planning service and generates valuable assets from gathered data.

Inside the Kit, you can find everything for the solution evaluation and pilot integration.

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Waste Management Solution

For decades, waste management was the simple disposal of waste materials to landfills and other sites. The Internet of Things revolutionizes the way waste is collected in cities by providing operational analytics and route optimization.

Our Waste Management evaluation kit combines Elsys ELT-Ultrasonic sensor technology, which measures the fill level of containers and bins, and an intuitive application to manage the assets and configure alerts. This solution is using ThingPark Community LoRaWAN network server.

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IoT Waste Management Starter Kit

Waste Management Solution is a stateofthe-art kit designed to remotely and precisely monitor the fill levels of waste in various containers, such as waste bins, to help reduce costsenergy consumption, and carbon emissions.

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Water Level & Tank Monitoring Evaluation Kit

An accurate advance warning of flood levels can save lives and reduce disaster management costs. As extreme flooding events are becoming increasingly common around the world, remote water level sensors are being used in sophisticated networks to monitor streams and rivers in areas prone to flooding.

Our water level and tank monitoring solution combine Elsys ELT-Ultrasonic distance technology to measure liquid levels in advanced places or extreme conditions, and WMW savoir-faire for creating intuitive applications and dashboards to monitor your data and configure alerts.

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