Smart Cities solutions

Waste Management Solution

For decades, waste management was the simple disposal of waste materials to landfills and other sites. The Internet of Things revolutionizes the way waste is collected in cities by providing operational analytics and route optimization.

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Water level Evaluation Kit

An accurate advance warning of flood levels can save lives and reduce disaster management costs. As extreme flooding events are becoming increasingly common around the world, remote water level sensors are being used in sophisticated networks to monitor streams and rivers in areas prone to flooding.

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Tank Monitoring Evaluation Kit

Every day, businesses that manage remote tanks are reducing waste and saving money. With an automated tank monitoring system, the need to visit each tank separately to check its water level is no longer necessary. When the automated system indicates a fault, staff can visit the specific location directly to solve the problem.

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LoRaWAN Connectivity Indoor Evaluation Kit

Our ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN Connectivity Indoor evaluation kit is the easiest way to start your LoRaWAN journey on ThingPark. 

This kit will allow you to create your private LoRaWAN network in no time with ThingPark Enterprise or ThingPark Community, connecting your ThingPark ready UfiSpace Enterprise indoor LoRaWAN gateway to the Internet.

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Advangrid LoRaWAN End-to-end Electricity Monitoring Solution

Monitor power quality and consumption of any 3-phase 4 wire or single phase circuits with up to 5000A. Alongside consumption data, our sensors provide info about: voltage, active power, reactive power, current and power factor. Our End-To-End solution comes with endless functionality customization capabilities within and outside of LoRa WAN standards, including and not limited to: parameter add-ons, data integration frequency, monitoring logic and many other.

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