Actility Channels Webinar Series #5

Actility Channel Partner Webinar

What’s new on ThingPark Enterprise 7.2 and Actility Central

Discover how TP Enterprise provides multi-tenancy and Actility Central helps you manage the customer lifecycle


On the one hand, ThingPark Enterprise EU- SaaS production platform is now running release 7.2. Learn about the new features brought by TPE 7.2!

On the other hand, Actility Central, our digital service that allows streamlining the ordering process between Actility and its Channel Partners, has changed and now you can benefit from new features tailor-made to help you follow your customers better and their licenses. Discover how the new features of Actility Central will help you manage the subscription lifecycle! 

Also, take this occasion to learn about a new use case!


Ramez Soss

Wireless Product Manager at Actility 

Sitha Oum

Project Manager at Actility

Stéphane Sisse

Sales Director EMEA

Photo of Christos Delis

Christos Delis

Sr Telecommunications Engineer ITHACA S.A.


1) What’s new on ThingPark Enterprise 7.2 
  • Live demo of the “Administrative Domains” feature, enhancing the multi-tenancy management. 
  • Seamless upgrade from ThingPark Enterprise All-in-One to full-edition TPE SaaS/OCP. 
  • Buy your own type-7 NetID from LoRa Alliance without being member 
  • Several enhancements specific to on-premise deployments.
2) Actility Central update – new functionality to simplify the subscription management 
  • New Dashboard 
  • E-mail Notifications 
  • Transaction ID and PO reference fields
3) Real-life use case with ThingPark Enterprise: Smart lighting in Athens  
  • Our special guest from, an Actility Channel & Solution Partner, will provide exciting details about how they deploy a massive smart street lighting project in Attica region in Greece, that encompasses the entire metropolitan area of Athens, using ThingPark Enterprise. The company is currently finishing the implementation of the project, with 22 000 sensors deployed and 160 and will be officially launched in the coming months. The solution is also using innovative features like multi-cast.

Actility Channels Webinar Series #4

Actility Channels
Webinar Series#4

14th December


Actility Channels Webinar is the most exclusive and informative webinar series on LoRaWAN in the industry, uniquely created for our Actility Enterprise Channel Partners.

After three appreciated webinars, we would like to invite you to our Fourth Enterprise Channels Webinar, which will be taking place on the 14th of December, at 10:00 am Paris time CET, and 5:00 pm Paris time CET (11:00 am New York time for those joining us from America).

In this webinar we will guide you through our cutting-edge solutions, applications, marketplace offering and share best practice tips.

Join the dialogue to:

    • Discover the latest on ThingPark Enterprise v7.1 through demoing of the newly features and services you can offer to your customers, helping them reach the highest innovation levels and become market differentiators.
    • Participate in an online Abeeway B2C Mobile Application demo – our new geolocation mobile application.
    • Join a live demo of ThingPark Central – Actility partners commercial self-service tool.
    • Learn more on ThingPark Marketplace and its benefit – Where you can build IoT projects, buy devices, GWs and sell your own products.
    • Get to know Uniotec Road Surface Temperature Monitoring solution, explained first-hand directly by Michael Price, CEO of Uniotec UK.



by Shmuel Solomon, Channel Sales Manager, Enterprise Products at Actility

Photo of Shmuel Solomon

Road Surface Temperature Monitoring

Learn how Uniotec have helped their customers to improve the efficiency of winter road maintenance through the use of LoRaWAN sensors, by Michael Price, CEO at Uniotec

ThingPark Enterprise 7.0/7.1 updates with live UI demo

Join a live ThingPark Enterprise demo on our Community platform, showing the latest UI/UX improvements in releases, by Ramez Soss, ThingPark Enterprise Product Manager

Presentation of the new Abeeway Mobile App

Demonstration of our recently launched Abeeway Mobile App solution to track pets, keys, objects, and more. The solution is compatible with all the Abeeway trackers and provides numerous functionalities to develop your own tracking solutions, by Rohit Gupta, Senior Wireless Product Manager at Actility

ThingPark Central

Join a live demo of ThingPark Central – Actility’s partners commercial self-service tool, by Sitha Oum, Operations Enterprise Manager


Actility Channels Webinar Series #3

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Actility Channels Webinar Series

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ThingPark Enterprrise Use Case




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